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PP Stretch Blowing Machine
PP stretch blow molding machine is designed for packaging pharmaceuticals and dairy products because of its high purity gas blowing. First, PP pipeline stretch blow molding machine is made ??of stainless steel. Secondly electrostatic precipitator system can be transported on the conveyor automatically preform preform during the fine removed. Special medical air filter allows air to enter the preform blowing up completely before the pure, clean the inside of the bottle guarantee. Specially designed to meet the long drying tunnel and filling bottle preforms gradual heating requirements, good heating effect can be obtained. The series blow molding machine overcome many technical difficulties, and improve the functionality of clean air blowing. PP stretch blow molding machine has become the production of liquid pharmaceuticals bottles ideal equipment, and because it is produced from pollution, PP bottle, so in dairy packaging market is also popular.
PP stretch blow molding machine is controlled by PLC system. Transported to the embryo from the bottle into the bottle baked whole process is done automatically. The machine consists of three parts: Preform conveyor systems, blow drying tunnel and pull the platform is designed and manufactured in accordance with European safety standards.

*Control Systems
MG-PP2000 control system is the core of automatic blow molding machine. High-tech interactive control panel, lightweight touch screen, precise control, convenient parameter setting, clear numerical display, ideal for memory storage capacity.

*Drive System
PP stretch blow molding machine power unit adopts the world famous brands, such as Germany, Festo, to achieve the machine's movements. These high quality power components are blowing machine with a dedicated valve ensures accurate movement and prolong the service life of the machine is the machine more stable performance. These famous brand pneumatic components manufacturer in the world has service outlets, so customers can easily enjoy the associated components in the local service.

*Sensing System
MG-PP2000 using high quality imported sensor & switch systems, including proximity switches, photoelectric switches, solenoid switches. In order to ensure the orderly conduct of the production process but also to avoid possible damage to the machine.
*Heating system
PP BOPP plastic stretch blow molding machine according to need even more sensitive to temperature prolonged heating requirements, using a specially designed long drying tunnel. Its powerful thermal radiation, and thermal heating effect lasting penetration of high-speed operation of the machine so that the process can achieve the desired temperature. Infrared heating lamps distributed in three areas, there is a corresponding independent voltage adjustment module and computer control systems, different models can provide the ideal preform heating effect. Each lamp horizontal position can be adjusted in order to increase the flexibility of the machine.
*Clamping system
The PP special blowing machine uses three template clamping devices. In addition In addition, there is a specially designed high-pressure auxiliary locking device provides a strong clamping force.
*Transportation and bottle preform mold release system
PP stretch blow molding machine uses a unique preform feeding system to ensure that the preform neck against possible damage, do not change the case of the tray preform preform can be subtle changes. After heating the preform is blown into the bottle so to ensure the quality. Molded bottles themselves during machine operation from the mold.
1. Automatic feeding system
2. Electrostatic dust removal system to remove the fine dust preform
3. suitable for production bottlenecks in 0.05 liters of PP containers
4. advanced PLC control system
5. Sensitive sensor system to monitor the machine's automatic operation.
6. specially designed gas storage device
7. special long drying tunnel PP raw material to meet the special heating requirements.
8. cooling system provides the desired cooling effect
9. The compact, space-saving.
10. The production process without human avoid contamination.
11. main parts are made ??of stainless steel.
12. Installation, start simple.
13. finished the scrap rate of less than 0.3%
Bottle Samples  
Technical Parameter  
Main information
MG-PP 10
Bottle of the original subjects PP PP
Clamping force 600KN 750KN
Opening stroke 130mm 130mm
Maximum tensile stroke 370mm 370mm
End of stroke 50mm 50mm
Number of cavities 8 10
Theoretical yield 8000P/H 10000P/H
Max.mould 0.4M 2 0.4M 2
Max mold thickness 260mm 260mm
Four tie bars / /
Power Systems
Voltage standard 380v50Hz
Heating zone 180KW 224KW
Total power 200KW 245KW
Air system
The recommended pressure 0.8-0.95MPa 0.8-0.95MPa
The recommended pressure 1.5-2.5MPa 1.5-2.5MPa
Preform length (maximum) 93mm 93mm
Preform diameter 26mm 26mm
Maximum volume 500ML 500ML
Diameter of the mouth 19mm 19mm
Diameter of bottle 80mm 80mm
Maximum bottle height 205mm 205mm
Dimensions and Weight
Blow Molding Machine 11400X2100X 1900mm 11400X2100X 1900mm
Feeder 2200X1800X 2500mm 2200X1800X 2500mm
Weight / /
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